Signet Downloads

The Signet client is a standalone cross-platform application that supports Windows (7 and up), MacOS, and GNU/Linux. The latest client version is 0.9.9. The latest firmware version is 1.2.4. You can download a binary image below or download the source code to build your own binaries.

Operating system Download
Windows (64 bit) signet-0.9.9-64bit.exe
Windows (32 bit) signet-0.9.9-64bit.exe
Mac signet-0.9.9.dmg
GNU/Linux signet-0.9.9


The Windows client has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10. There are no setup steps: just download and run.


  1. Download signet-0.9.9 then make it executable.

    chmod u+x ~/Downloads/signet-0.9.9

    You may also want to move it to a more permanent location. Execute the commands below to copy it to ~/bin.

    Use a path in your home directory to keep the binary separate from binaries managed by your Linux distribution.

    mkdir ~/bin
    mv ~/Downloads/signet-0.9.9 ~/bin
  2. Install the Signet udev rule to allow the application to connect to the device.

    1. Download 50-signet.rules
    2. Copy it to /etc/udev/rules.d/.

      sudo cp ~/Downloads/50-signet.rules /etc/udev/rules.d

    You may need to disconnect and reconnect your Signet device for the rule to take effect.


  1. Download signet-0.9.9.dmg.
  2. Open the application. The application is unsigned so Mac OS will not immediately allow you to run it. To authorize the application:

    1. Copy the Signet application in the DMG file to /Applications or /Desktop.
    2. Run it from finder.
    3. Click past the “unknown publisher” warning.

    You should be able to run it in the future with no warnings or extra steps.

Past Binary Releases

You can find all past client and firmware releases here.

Source Code

The Signet firmware and client are released under the GPLv3 license. You can find all Signet sources from the Nth Dimension github page. You can also download the latest source archive if you want to build the latest release or browse past source archives to build an earlier version. You can follow these instructions to build the client application from source.