Signet Client version 0.9.8

KeePass Import feature added

Feature allows import of KeePass 2.x databases. Import is done as a merge with any existing data in the database, giving the option to rename, skip, or overwrite entries if they exist on both. KeePass stores entries in a hierarchy where Signet currently shows a flat list. To avoid losing the hierarchical data the importer stores an additional “Path” field for every entry imported from KeePass denotes the entries position in the hierarchy in the same way as a file path, separated by ‘/’ characters. A future Signet client release could use this data to show a hierarchical view.

General Improvements

  • Changed application Icon to match the device logo and used true multi-resolution icons to improve rendering at low resolutions

Keyboard Layout Detection

  • On Linux/X11 systems query X11 to find out of R-Alt is used as a key modifier (as opposed to a character modifier) and don’t generate R-Alt if it is.

  • Perform scan in order of modifier not in order of scan code to prevent the appearance of modifier keys being “tapped” which was acting as a global hotkey on Ubuntu’s “Unity” desktop environment

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash bug that occurred when users allowed a login operation to timeout before pushing the device button