Getting Started

Before You Start

Download the client for your operating system before starting. Make sure for follow any post installation steps described on the downloads page.

Initializing your device for the first time

  1. Plug in your device and start the client
  2. Click “Initialize the device for the first time”
  3. Choose a master password. Ideally it should be randomized, longer than eight characters and not a password you have used anywhere else. If you create a new password for Signet it may be a good idea to write down the password for a short time until you have it memorized.
  4. Press initialize and wait for the initialization process to complete. Initialization will zero out the device’s memory and use random data generated both on the device and the host to setup authentication and encryption keys.

Unlocking your device

  1. Enter your master password and press “Unlock”
  2. Follow prompts to configure the client. Make sure you configure your keyboard layout if it is not English(US). You may also want to enable automatic backups on the system if you are running on your primary computer.

Adding data to your device

Once you have unlocked your device you are ready to add data to it. To add new data to Signet:

  1. Select the kind of data you want to add with the pulldown menu below the search bar
  2. Click the “+” button next to the search bar
  3. Fill out the required fields in the entry creation dialog as desired (you can edit them later)

At this point you can create extra fields to store additional information. To do this:

  1. Enter a field name in the “new field” section at the bottom of the dialog
  2. Choose the data type of the extra field
  3. Press the “+” button next to the field name
  4. An extra field should appear. You can now set its value.

Finally to create the entry:

  1. Press the “Create” button
  2. Press the Signet device button

Accessing your data

The data type pulldown near the top of the window selects which kind of entries are visible in the window. To perform an action on an entry you have created either right click on the entry in the view or press one of the toolbar buttons at the bottom of the window. Either by right clicking on an entry or clicking one of the toolbar buttons at the bottom of the window you can perform a variety of actions. The available actions are different depending on the data type but the ability to open, delete, and browse to a URL associated with the entry are always available.

For account entries there are buttons to login to the account (type username then password), type the username, type the password. Though the right click menu you may also copy the login fields to the clipboard. Note that typing operations will cause Signet to become backgrounded to make it easy to select a destination text box for the data. When you have selected where you need the data typed press the device button. When you need to access the client again just press the device button again and it will come back to the foreground.

Additional help

This guide is meant to help you get started with the basics of Signet and does not describe all of it’s features. For additional help go to the guides section.