Signet Client version 0.9.14

Signet desktop client version 0.9.14 release notes

New features

  • Miscellaneous and generic entries can now be categorized into groups.

  • Display device button wait prompt in the main window instead of a popup dialog. This fixes some inconsistencies in application behavior on different platforms.


  • Only background application for the keyboard based “login” action

  • Leave current entry selected after executing a command. The deselection behavior was meant to make it easier to search for a new entry but it has been confusing to too many users.

  • Sort entries alphabetically instead of by creation order

  • Set some icon and button sizes in style sheet to make application appearance more consistent

  • Allow browser plugin support to be disabled with a setting

  • Allow browser plugin support to be disabled at build time

Bug fixes

  • Truncate long strings in entry fields to prevent crashes

  • Fix broken download link used in the application update check and about dialog

  • Accurately display update check interval in update check dialog