Release Notes

Signet Client version 0.9.16

Signet desktop client version 0.9.16 release notes New features Support firmware update and device wipe on Signet HC for uninitialized devices Enhancements Make GUI element sizing more consistant across platforms and scale widgets based on screen resoltion Bug fixes Fix glitches in automatic backup checks Don’t require invidual button presses on Signet HC when writing multiple entries at once Fix backup to file on MacOS Catalina »

Signet Client version 0.9.14

Signet desktop client version 0.9.14 release notes New features Miscellaneous and generic entries can now be categorized into groups. Display device button wait prompt in the main window instead of a popup dialog. This fixes some inconsistencies in application behavior on different platforms. Improvements Only background application for the keyboard based “login” action Leave current entry selected after executing a command. The deselection behavior was meant to make it easier to search for a new entry but it has been confusing to too many users. »

Signet Client version 0.9.13

New features The client is integrated with a browser plugin supporting Firefox and Chrome. The client will listen for a connection from the plugin and allow it to recieve non-secret meta-data and request secret data for individual entries. The initial version uses this functionality to login to websites without the need for Signet to act as a USB keyboard. Custom fields can be created with type “Text (Secret)” to indicate that their contents should not be shown unless a “show” checkbox is unchecked. »

Signet Client version

New features You can now create new custom data types in the client. To create a new data type select the “data types” option in the main window pulldown, add a new entry, and configure the fields that you want the data type to have. Once created an entry on the main window pulldown will be available for the data type. From there you can create entries of that data type. »

Signet Client version 0.9.11

Signet desktop client version 0.9.11 is a major feature release that also fixes several critical bugs. The most significant features are the ability to read the contents of database backup files, and support for typing specific stored passwords without the client running (such as during initial login). New features The client can now read data from a database file when no device is connected. You can start reading a database file from “File-›Open” and switch back to device mode by closing the file through “File-›Close”. »

Signet Client Version 0.9.10

Signet desktop client version 0.9.10 is a bug fix and usability improvement release General improvements Entry search no longer only searches the start of an entry name. A search query will now match all entries that contain a word that starts with or ends with the filter text. For the purposes of search a word is any block of text that follows a whitespace, a symbol, or a change in letter case. »

Signet Client Version 0.9.9

Signet desktop client version 0.9.9 adds support for account grouping, pass database import, and CSV import Account Grouping The 0.9.9 release adds support for grouping accounts and displays accounts in a tree view when at least one account is assigned to a group. When some accounts are grouped and others are not the ungrouped accounts are placed into a default “Unsorted” group. Group assignments can be made during account creation or editing by modifying the group field. »

Signet Client version 0.9.8

KeePass Import feature added Feature allows import of KeePass 2.x databases. Import is done as a merge with any existing data in the database, giving the option to rename, skip, or overwrite entries if they exist on both. KeePass stores entries in a hierarchy where Signet currently shows a flat list. To avoid losing the hierarchical data the importer stores an additional “Path” field for every entry imported from KeePass denotes the entries position in the hierarchy in the same way as a file path, separated by ‘/’ characters. »

Signet Client Version 0.9.7

Signet client version 0.9.7 introduces a keyboard layout management feature, improves typing support generally, and fixes several bugs Keyboard Layout Management While editing settings the Signet client can now detect the keyboard layout by generating a sequence of key codes and modifiers (Shift, Alt, etc) and capture the characters generated to derive the system’s keyboard layout. The client saves the detected keyboard layout as a part of the existing settings file. »